Official Selection


United Kingdom 2021
Duration: 03:46
Directed by: Kun Ao
Screenplay: Kun Ao
Animation: Kun Ao
Technique: Kun Ao
Production/School: University for the Creative Arts
Dialogue language: English

The short animation Control is a story about a father and his son. A boy eat a lot of snacks during he waiting his father comes home from work. Thus, he does not want to eat anything in dinner time and waste the food. The father tries to get the boy to stop this behaviour again and again, but the boy dose not listen. Father feels tired and angry. Then, father wants to use violence to stop boy from wasting food. At this time, father memorise his father hit him like that when he is child. Then, father control himself and apologise to the boy. People make a family because of love and children are supposed to grow up with love. But sometimes parents lose control when their children are naughty.Thus, we should learn to control ourselves in order to keep the people we love safe from violence, and we should not use violence to force children to do things they do not want to do.


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