Official Selection


Korea 2021
Duration: 14:45
Directed by: Hyeonwoo Yoo, Jeong-in An, Nakyeong Yoo
Screenplay: Hyeonwoo Yoo, Jeong-in An, Nakyeong Yoo
Production/School: Nakyeong Yoo
Dialogue language: Korean

Hangyeol and Minjun, who go to school together every morning, are two long-time friends. One day, Hangyeol is seen bullied at school. Minjun could only watch as he feared of becoming a victim himself. Knowing his friend did not stand up for him, Hangyeol is deeply disappointed at Minjun. Later, Hangyeol transfers to another school and the two grow apart. As years pass, Hangyeol and Minjun become high school students. Missing Hangyeol and the times they spent together in a drama club, Minjun decides to join the school drama club. At the club meeting, Minjun realizes Hangyeol has also joined the club. The guilt of being a bystander to bullying makes Minjun evade Hangyeol. Hangyeol, however, tries to make up with Minjun. Hangyeol and Minjun are left alone in the auditorium. They have a heart-to-heart about their traumatic past. Listening to each other’s story — that itself gives comfort and forgiveness to the wounded heart. The film ends with Hangyeol and Minjun staging a performance of their own.


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