Official Selection

Insect / Insekt

Special Mention Short

Poland 2021
Duration: 29:50
Directed by: Marcin Podolec
Screenplay: Marcin Podolec
Animation: Agnieszka Czachór Renata Gąsiorowska Karolina Kajetanowicz Ala Nunu Leszyńska Ewa Łuczków Adrianna Matwiejczuk Julia Marchowska Agata Mianowska Marcin Podolec Kacper Zamarło
Technique: 2d
Music: Wojtek Kurek
Production/School: Marcin Podolec, Wiktoria Podolec (Yellow Tapir Films)
Dialogue language: Polish
Subtitles language: English

Pascal lives with his parents in a city full of smog. The dense fog confuses the citizens. The smoke hides the secrets of both people and infamous... insects. The discovery of one of those secrets changes Pascal's life.


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