Official Selection

Transparent, I am.

Japan 2020
Duration: 11:36
Directed by: Yuri Muraoka
Screenplay: Yuri Muraoka
Animation: Yuri Muraoka
Music: Chopin / Etude in C Minor, Op.10 No.12 "Revolutionary"
Production/School: Nonoho Suzuki
Dialogue language: Japanese
Subtitles language: English

In the year of 2020 when the world was forced to “change”, I wanted to confirm what changed and what did not change in me and wrote a poem “Transparent, I am.”. This film is based on it. The white mask I wore became the screen projected my past. My family are sometimes hurt and suffer, but support me who suffers from schizophrenia. Nonoho, Yuri, Nemu and Hana. The four of us live today to the fullest while looking for the answer to “Who are we?” This film is Essay Film.


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