Official Selection

I am not an Angel

Canada 2021
Duration: 10:46
Directed by: Joe Chang
Screenplay: Joe Chang
Production/School: Joe Chang, Yang Li
Dialogue language: Chinese

A young Nurse Amy, unaware of the severity of the virus, going to work alone, while millions of people don masks as the infection travels through the population. The nurse comes to realize the patient she is tasked with taking care of, is not a run-of-the-mill case, but is a matter of life and death. I want to make this film as a tribute to the sacrifices health care workers make for us. They are ordinary people, but they are extra-ordinary, too modest to call themselves heroes, not seeing themselves as life-saving angels. Completely altruistic, they put themselves in danger to take to care for us. They are in my eyes - Angels. The nightmare of the pandemic continues, leaving a mark that will never be erased from our collective memory.


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