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Brazil 2021
Duration: 13:32
Directed by: Tami Martins
Screenplay: Tami Martins, Aron Miranda
Animation: Arnon Vicente, Arthur Delgado, Gizandro Santos, Joyce Nagamura, Kleston Marques, Maria Luiza Baganha, Otoniel Oliveira, Paula Lobato Pontes, Luís Henrique Martins, Thalyne Tenório, André Novo, Arnon Vicente, Arthur Delgado, Beatriz Belo, Cynthia Liz Jaman
Music: Um corpo no mundo - Luedji Luna; Solitude - Aron Miranda; A decisão - Mariana Brito; Madalena - Mc Deeh e Anna Suav; Valsa - William Wallace
Production/School: Lara Lages
Dialogue language: No Dialogue

In the Amazon, Sol (25 years old) is recovering from the end of another abusive relationship, while her Shadow escapes to the Atacama Desert because it couldn’t stand to see her suffering. While Sol, finally, begins to retake her own spaces and dreams, her Shadow seeks independence. They both go on journeys in search of self-love and self-confidence to rediscover in solitude the way back to each other.


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