Official Selection


France 2021
Duration: 04:54
Directed by: Joséphine Carlo, Caroline, Charbonneau, Yoann Festaud, Nicolas Fimbel, Ethan Gérin, Sarah Prévert, Jenny Rodriguez
Production/School: ESMA

During a tournament for Viking warriors, the Chef of the Candy Clan, Ulrik, prepares Bibi, 8 y.o. Under the eye of the Champion Arfur, the challenges come one after another. For each difficulty, Bibi eats a lollipop and the arena transforms as candy. She uses it to win the challenges. Furious, Arfur steals Ulrik’s candy bag before the duel. Ulrik tries to step in, but in vain, Arfur destroys the candies in front of Bibi. She grabs a piece then faces him. He kills her.


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