Official Selection

I Call It Home / وطن

Iran 2020
Duration: 02:50
Directed by: Leila Ahang
Screenplay: Leila Ahang
Animation: Leila Ahang
Technique: Ink on paper
Music: Behrooz Shahamat
Production/School: Tehran University Of Art
Dialogue language: Perian
Subtitles language: English

Synopsis: This experimental abstract animation, “I Call It Home”, demonstrates two distinct worlds for a migrant who is born and lives far from her real home. A world is where she was born. It is such as somewhere human lives before the birth, womb. This is growing and the spirit is blown into it. The spirit of human is floating such as a fish in the water. For her, first world is selected as a home to settle down. But slowly she understands the real home is somewhere else. This is another world such as out of mother`s womb. There is strange and frightening place. All things are dark and against her. So she has to struggle to overcome. It takes time but finally she feels tranquility and starts to live new world such as new born baby.


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