Official Selection


United Kingdom 2021
Duration: 04:56
Directed by: Kea Xie
Screenplay: Kea Xie
Animation: Kea Xie
Technique: Kea Xie
Music: Chia Ying Tsai
Production/School: Kea Xie
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

There is only a little boy on the planet. Day after day, even the boy is lonely however he works very hard to keep his daily routine implemented.All the efforts he does is just waiting for the day coming... At the time of loneliness, people mistakenly believe that love can eliminate the feeling of that. Thus, we try and pursue love or be loved, and our willingness to pay the price, and even greater to do everything. In fact, all actions and aims are to please him or her and eager to give back. We put too much fantasies in love unconsciously. And this behavior often makes us disillusioned or even hurt in the relationship. So, "love a person" is loving different individuals? or just self-projection?


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