Official Selection


United States of America 2020
Duration: 04:04
Directed by: Brandon Garcia , Jhorinson Dominguez
Screenplay: Brandon Garcia , Jhorinson Dominguez
Production/School: Jimmy Calhoun
Dialogue language: No Dialogue

Letting Go is a story about an astronaut who loses her husband in a spaceship accident. This leaves her in a dark place of depression which leaves her sad, alone and angry at everything including the song they use to play together. One night she is visited by what can only be described as a ghost of her husband. Who proceeds to pull her out of her reality and into a fantastical dream sequence where he's been living. In this dream, he helps her get over her fears of the ship crash and help her let go of what she's been holding onto for so long. Finale, she accepts her loses and reaches a level of peace with her life, eluding to better things in the future as she is now able to enjoy the music that is prevalent throughout the film.


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