Official Selection

The Police After Me / Peşimdeki Polis

Turkey 2021
Duration: 05:52
Directed by: Kayahan Kaya
Screenplay: M. Şeref Özsoy, Kayahan Kaya
Animation: Kayahan Kaya
Music: Derya Türkan
Production/School: Kayahan Kaya
Dialogue language: Turkish
Subtitles language: English

Istanbul, 1950. Following the Second World War’s end, in an atmosphere where freedom of thinking was under restrictions; poets, writers, and artists were followed by the police, in their every step. During the same period, the police also followed the famous poet Orhan Veli, one of the founders of the ‘Garip’ movement in Turkish poetry. Meanwhile, a young poet wants to read his poems to Orhan Veli. Will he succeed?


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