Official Selection

Tunable Mimoid

1st Prize Experimental

Australia 2020
Duration: 06:40
Directed by: Vladimir Todorovic
Screenplay: Vladimir Todorovic
Animation: Vladimir Todorovic
Technique: 3D generated
Music: Brian O'Reilly
Production/School: Vladimir Todorovic
Dialogue language: English

In this experiment, we used a mimoid sample from Solaris ocean and measured it’s reaction to several types of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation. We probed the living system with customizable metamaterials and time-varying electromagnetic fields in a noninvasive live-cell imaging solution. Our findings show that the mimoid not only behaves as a tunable living system, but it also exhibits self-organizing behaviour while mimicking patterns of controlled electromagnetic fields. Our results illustrate mimoid’s extraterrestrial and unique ability to neutralize man-made radiation effects. Centre for Mimoid Studies (CMS)  Giesean Institute of Solaristics 


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