Official Selection

Utopia - C

Austria 2020
Duration: 07:38
Directed by: Reinhold Bidner
Screenplay: Reinhold Bidner
Animation: Reinhold Bidner
Technique: Stop Motion, Mixed Media, 2D Computer Animation, Hand Drawn Animation
Music: Reinhold Bidner
Production/School: gold extra
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

"Utopia - C" is an experimental animated short film/animated documentary about my personal experiences and hometown-observations in this strange time that we are going through right now: On March 4th 2020 by incident I happened to be in my hometown Salzburg/Austria. Then things became weird and "coronoid". So I stayed and on March 15th I decided to shut down/shut up in Salzburg to work on these personal/animated hometown coronicles, that deal with some places I grew up with but also with some of my thoughts and observations between March and June 2020. Supported by gold extra, Kultur Land Salzburg, Kultur Stadt Salzburg © Reinhold Bidner


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