Official Selection

Let's Play a Story: The Miser / Igramo se priče: Škrtac

Croatia 2020
Duration: 07:42
Directed by: Marina Andree Skop
Screenplay: Pavlica Bajsic Brazzoduro
Production/School: Darija Kulenovic Gudan, Marina Andree Skop
Dialogue language: Croatian

While having a picnic with her dad, the girl plays with her favorite toy – Miss Unicorn Girl. Her story takes us into an animated world where Miss Unicorn buys sweets at a candy shop. But soon she realizes she can’t pay it because her wallet is empty! The girl is disappointed. Her dad admits that he borrowed change from her and forgot to tell her. He calms her down with a story about a miser who treasured a lump of gold but didn't use it for anything. When the thief stole it from him, he realized that he could treasure an ordinary stone and imagine that it was gold, since it didn't serve him for anything else. The girl objects claiming she is not stingy, but she wants her money back so she can play with it. When her dad promises to repay her interest debt, she imagines the story of Miss Unicorn Girl who wants to invest the interest in ice cream for herself and her new friend. By playing an imaginary story, the girl begins an incredible improvisation.


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