Official Selection

Incognito / Inkognitó

Special Mention Student

Hungary 2020
Duration: 07:35
Directed by: Júlia Lantos
Screenplay: Júlia Lantos
Animation: Viktória Antal, Tímea Benkő, Johanna Géczi, Orsolya Hegedűs, Júlia Lantos, Regina Pekárik, Eszter Szabó, Lili Szirmai
Technique: 2D digital animation
Music: János Keszei, Júlia Lantos, Tali Tadmor
Production/School: Budapest Metropolitan University
Dialogue language: No dialogue
Subtitles language: No dialogue

A young girl works in an office, lives alone in a small flat in a crowded city and her only companion is a yellow bird. One day a cloud appears above the flat, which brings rain endlessly. A supernatural process begins in her flat, helping to lock her out of the outer, grotesque and absurd world. At the end of the film, the wall between the two worlds breaks down, the small flat could not become the place she dreamed of, but rather a weak bunker in a war.


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