Official Selection

True Sound Façade

United Kingdom 2020
Duration: 02:30
Directed by: Laura N-Tamara
Screenplay: Laura N-Tamara
Animation: Laura N-Tamara
Technique: Live action, 2D digital
Music: Narae Chung
Production/School: The Smalls
Dialogue language: no dialogues
Subtitles language: no subtitles

"True Sound Facade" is a poetic dance and animation film in which a dancer realises their digital self feels truer than their real world self. It plays with the japanese notions of 'honne', the 'true sound', one's innermost feelings, and 'tatemae', the façade one puts on to live in society. It stars Kino McHugh, dancing with and against a colourful animated environment born out of her movements. By combining live-action and animation, the film becomes a celebration of how our inner and outer lives merge with each other in the act of artistic creation. The film was commissioned by the Barbican museum in London, for their "Inside out" short film series.


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