Official Selection

Sense Nonsense

Distinction Short

India 2020
Duration: 08:31
Directed by: Harish Iyer
Screenplay: Harish Iyer
Animation: Harish Iyer
Technique: Digital 2D
Music: P S Jayhari
Production/School: IDC School of Design
Dialogue language: Malayalam
Subtitles language: English

Kicha is an atheist and is affiliated to the Communist Party in Kerala. He lives with his extremely devout grandmother. Under a single roof, these opposing ideologies are always at loggerheads. Unfortunately for Kicha, all hell breaks loose on an important day when he refuses to pay heed to his grandmother's warnings of ill omens. Does Kicha manage to overcome his misfortune! Artham Anartham is ideally an impartial look into two diametrically opposite beliefs. It is upto viewer to decide what makes sense and what is nonsense.



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