Official Selection

Mex and the animals

Canada 2020
Duration: 08:22
Directed by: Elisa Gleize
Screenplay: Elisa Gleize
Production/School: Elisa Gleize
Dialogue language: French

Mex and the animals could be the title of a children's book. How does a person grow up without animals? What imaginary world will we construct around them, and from what? The story is narrated by Mex, a melancholy cyborg who wanders through virtual space among images of different animals. These creatures are no more than rough virtual reconstructions of those that have long since disappeared, visibly still dominated and commodified. Mex's quest raises anthropological questions through a fictional story set in an unknown time. It belongs to a common fantasy world fuelled by eco-anxiety and portrays a 'post-animal' epoch through an individual who is nostalgic for these absent bodies.


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