Official Selection

Bucket Hat!

2nd Prize Student

United States of America 2020
Duration: 03:25
Directed by: Demetrios Tzamaras
Screenplay: Demetrios Tzamaras
Animation: Demetrios Tzamaras
Technique: 2D digital animation
Music: Dan Light
Production/School: UCLA
Dialogue language: English, Modern Greek (1453-)
Subtitles language: English

Brothers Tot and Meech try desperately to convince their jokester Papou (Greek for Grandfather) to buy them ice cream while on a trip to the beach. But they have to act fast, because the Ice Cream Man could leave any minute! Influenced by the TV shows of Cartoon Network in the 1990's, Bucket Hat is a delightfully silly and sweet animated film that balances slice-of-life realism with cartoony slapstick. Brimming with both emotional sincerity and full-throated goofiness, Bucket Hat is unafraid to have its ice cream and eat it too!


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