Official Selection

The weather is lovely

China 2020
Duration: 14:18
Directed by: Lien, Chun-Chien
Screenplay: Pohan Lee
Animation: Chakrit Nonkome
Technique: 3D toon shading
Music: Simon Whitfield
Production/School: Dottodot Design studio
Dialogue language: Chinese
Subtitles language: no dialogue

Claude, the cloud maker, accidentally drops his cloud-making gadget after finished his daily mission. The gadget gets picked up by a researcher Yin in a weather observatory atop a remote Mountain. Yin learns how to use the gadget and makes a lots clouds inside the lab. Claude, meanwhile, can only observe patiently outside and seek chance to retrieve his gadget secretly (since he is not allowed to reveal himself to the people on the ground.) A thunder cloud that Yin made releases a thunderbolt on radio and causes a small fire scene. In her attempt to put out fire, the gadget gets short-circuited and turns into a huge water-thirst cloud monster. Claude is forced to show up and teams with Yin to stop it from becoming a total disaster


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