Official Selection


Luxembourg 2020
Duration: 04:18
Directed by: Majorva Sajous, Michael Kopp, Maya Lemaitre, Michel Li
Screenplay: Majorva Sajous
Animation: Majorva Sajous, Michael Kopp, Maya Lemaitre
Technique: 2d Animation
Music: Majorva Sajous
Production/School: Lycée des Arts et Métiers-LAM
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

AFRICA - 18th century. Near the banks of Dahomey (Benin), a group of African hunters accompanied by European sponsors are preparing themselves to attack a village. Sonangnon and Kemi are brother and sister and live in the village. Their destiny meets that of Teye, one of the African warriors, who has to choose: let them go or captured them.


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