Official Selection

East Wind / 东风

Distinction Experimental

China 2020
Duration: 06:09
Directed by: Yuanhua Luo
Screenplay: Yuanhua Luo
Animation: Yuanhua Luo
Technique: Yuanhua Luo
Music: Kexin Xu、Xiangjun He
Production/School: School of Design,East China Normal University
Dialogue language: No dialogue
Subtitles language: English

In the Chinese context, “East Wind” can be interpreted as ”the coming of spring”. This film describes the process of winter to spring which compares the process to a baby growing up in a mother’s uterus. By depicting the microscopic perspective of the fetus slowly growing from a single point to complex tissues, it refers to the birth process of small lives in early spring. Those invisible changes like the east wind reflect the poetic nature of the process of spring new life from simple to complex And beauty. Those subtle changes like east wind represent the poetry and beauty of the process which is from complexity to simpleness of new life in spring.


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