Official Selection


Spain 2020
Duration: 04:04
Directed by: Luis Carlos Rodríguez
Technique: multiedición.
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: no

-The audiovisual language was born, grew and developed from artistic activity. -Audiovisual language is and will be an artistic process that evolves from art and the hand of artist in its two main channels: experimental cinema and video art. -We firmly believe that audiovisual language must continue to evolve from experimentation and artistic activity. -We firmly believe that all creation is always a recreation. The public domain allows us to recreate and recount, again manipulating the time and space of the sequences, (especially those that became unforgettable for us at some point), and, from an audiovisual economy / ecology, move forward with new proposals in this constant process of evolution that must be the audiovisual language.


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