Official Selection

The shudder flies away with open arms, farewell / Le Frémissement s’envole à bras ouvert, Adieu

Distinction Experimental

France 2020
Duration: 07:30
Directed by: Celia Eid, Sébastien Béranger
Screenplay: Celia Eid
Animation: Celia Eid
Technique: 2D
Music: Sébastien Béranger
Dialogue language: NO
Subtitles language: NO

« Le Frémissement s'envole à bras ouverts, Adieu. » was completed in April 2020, just as the world stood still due to the dramatic covid worldwide pandemic. In front of us was only fear, anguish and death while we were witnessing at the same time profound changes. This film expresses this shattering moment. 


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