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O!PLA 2018 –almost 22.000 Jury members, almost 90 festival venues located between Baltic Sea and Tatra Mountains, more than 100 shorts divided into 8 competition categories– these numbers briefly outline the specifics of the most unique and completely grassroots biggest Polish celebration of animated film. Now O!PLA is back with a new program entraining viewers from around the world into  the newest and the coolest Polish animation (O!PLA means "Oh! Polish Animation", but also: “Oh! People Love Animation”). And traditionally the program is created by "the biggest Jury in the world": Audience. Starting of 2013 O!PLA consequently grows in strength, but one thing remains constant –independence and passion, which standing behind the O!PLA. (Website:



The Movies (90’)


1. CARROT FIELD / Marchewkowe Pole, 16'

Poland 2016

Directed by Kacper Zamarło

Screenplay: Kacper Zamarło

Animation: Kacper Zamarło

Technique: 2D cutout

Music: Mikołaj Stroiński

Production: Studio Xanf

Dialogues: None


Last weeks of the cold winter. A drab and desolated province. 7-year-old boy, left without proper care, is looking for a companion to play. Despised and ridiculed by his peers, he decides to build a snowman. The snowman becomes a "prosthesis" for a coveted friend. But soon events take a dangerous turn. The animated story of empathy, suppressing emotions and maturation, which combines traditional and digital animation techniques. (III Place in the Professional Category)



2. HOW THE BLACK HOLE BEGINS / Bajka o Powstaniu Czarnej Dziury, 4’ 26’’

Poland  2017

Directed by Karolina Gołębiowska

Screenplay: Karolina Gołębiowska

Animation: Karolina Gołębiowska

Technique: stop-motion

Music: Michał Urban

Production: Academy of Art in Szczecin

Dialogues: Yes (english subtitles)


A story about the dog Rulon, who, after consuming some mysterious food, starts to fly. He decides to fulfil his dreams and fly off into space, where he encounters a sea of sweets. Rulon cannot control his appetite. At some point, however, he starts to get

lonely, so he decides to return home. This turns out to be impossible because he has become a dachshund longer than the Earth. He thus drifts throughout the cosmos, devouring everything that he encounters in his path. (III Place in the School Category)



3. STONE / Kamień, 4’ 49’’

Poland 2018

Directed by Marcin Ożóg

Screenplay: Marcin Ożóg

Animation: Marcin Ożóg

Technique: stop-motion

Music: Paśko & Zespół Co To

Dialogue: Lyrics in Polish


Wandering a man on a shelf with books.(III Place in Animated Music Videos Category)



4. WITH THE ARTIST’S KIND PERMISSION / Dzięki Uprzejmości Artysty, 10’ 10’’

Poland 2016

Directed by Piotr Bosacki

Screenplay: Piotr Bosacki

Animation: Piotr Bosacki

Technique: stop-motion

Music: none

Production: Piotr Bosacki

Dialogues: Yes (english subtitles)


In the film, Piotr Bosacki explains the phenomenon of the emergence of a work of art. Literary layer of the film, as usual in Bosacki’s works, balances  between the seriousness and mockery. On the one hand, we listen to a lecture on basic science. On the other hand, statements uttered by the author somehow banter with their own meaning. It is all accompanied by elaborate classical animation. (III Place in the Experimental Category)



5. CAT TOY / Zabawka, 55’’

Poland 2017

Directed by Fabian Kowalczuk

Screenplay: Fabian Kowalczuk

Animation: Fabian Kowalczuk

Technique: drawing on paper

Music: Krzysztof Kowalczuk

Production: WA UMCS Lublin

Dialogues: None


Animated epigram about cat's fun... (III Place in the Animated Epigrams Category)



6. STRANGE CASE / Dziwny Przypadek, 13’ 30’’

Poland 2017

Directed by Zbigniew Czapla

Screenplay: Zbigniew Czapla

Animation: Zbigniew Czapla

Technique: watercolor animation / rotoscoping

Music: Marcin Oleś, Bartłomiej Oleś

Production: Warsztat Filmowy

Dialogues: English


“What are we here for?” – the protagonist keeps asking this question incessantly, thinking about the meaning of a human life. In a freely-flowing stream of consciousness, he goes back to the experiences that had an impact on him: love, adolescence and events from the contemporary history. A kaleidoscope of memories, thoughts and reflections is shown via rapidly changing picturesque images. Subtle brush touches and colourful patches are enhanced by restless music, sending shivers down the spine. (II Place in the Professional Category)



7. YOU ARE OVERREACTING / Nie Masz Dystansu, 3’ 52’’

Poland 2017

Directed by Karina Paciorkowska

Screenplay: Karina Paciorkowska

Animation: Karina Paciorkowska

Technique: drawing animation / rotoscoping

Music: none

Production: Film School in Lodz

Dialogues: Yes (English subtitles)


An animated take on woman's place in contemporary world. Inspired by reality and the media. (II Place in the School Category)



8. FAIL, 5’ 05’’

Poland/Spain 2017

Directed by Wojciech Ostrycharz

Screenplay: Wojciech Ostrycharz

Animation: Wojciech Ostrycharz

Technique: drawing animation

Music: Lion Shephered

Dialogues: Lyrics in English


Animals play the role of people. (II Place in Animated Music Videos Category)



9. LITTLE GIANT, 3’ 08’’

Poland 2017

Directed by Maciej Dydyński

Screenplay: Maciej Dydyński

Animation: Maciej Dydyński

Technique: liquid animation

Music: Lasy/Maciej Wojcieszkiewicz

Production: Lasy/Maciej Wojcieszkiewicz

Dialogues: None


A music video was inspired by the form and movement of liquids and micro scale, which resembles and brings the impression of the macro world. Just look inside the aquarium to see the cosmos. (II Place in the Experimental Category)



10. IF YOU CAN…, 1’ 14’’

Poland 2017

Directed by Hanna Rybak

Screenplay: Hanna Rybak

Animation: Hanna Rybak

Technique: drawing animation

Music: none

Production: WA UMCS Lublin

Dialogues: Yes (English subtitles)


Animated epigram inspired by the words of Winston Churchill… (II Place in the Animated Epigrams Category)



11. OH MOTHER! / O Matko!, 12’ 15’’

Poland 2017

Directed by Paulina Ziółkowska

Screenplay: Paulina Ziółkowska

Animation: Paulina Ziółkowska, Zofia Skórka, Aleksandra Wit, Natalia Krawczuk, Barbara Rupik, Karolina Specht, Artur Hanaj, Wojciech Wojtkowski, Aleksandra Kucwaj, Beata Strzelecka

Technique: drawing animation

Music: Tomasz Opałka

Production: FUMI Studio/Film School in Łodz

Dialogues: None


“Oh Mother!” is a story of a relationship between an overprotective mother and her son. It is a playful game of constant changes of social and family roles, age and sizes. The film tries to answer the question that is truly an adult and what does it mean. (I Place in the Professional Category)



12. COME ON KASIA – IT WON’T HARM YOU! / No Weź Kasia, Co Ci Szkodzi?, 6’ 37’’

Poland 2017

Directed by Aleksandra Filipowicz & Konrad Ożgo

Screenplay: Aleksandra Filipowicz & Konrad Ożgo

Animation: Aleksandra Filipowicz & Konrad Ożgo

Technique: drawing animation

Music: Aleksandra Filipowicz & Konrad Ożgo

Production: PJATK

Dialogues: Yes (English subtitles)


"Come on Kasia, it won't harm you" tells a story about a few normal and common situations, that escalate into strange and absurdly humorous endings. It's an animation about how we all are under permanent invigilation. But how much fun those who watch us are having?" (I Place in the School Category)



13. OHOHO, 2’ 34’’

Poland 2017

Directed by Łukasz Rusinek

Screenplay: Łukasz Rusinek

Animation: Łukasz Rusinek

Technique: drawing animation

Music: Gooral

Dialogues: Lyrics in Polish


The wandering highlander sees strange things ...(I Place in Animated Music Videos Category)



14. STARDUST / Gwiezdny Pył, 2’ 05’’

Poland 2018

Directed by Elena Volozneva

Screenplay: Elena Volozneva

Animation: Elena Volozneva

Technique: animation of metal filings

Music: Minnesota

Production: Nicolaus Copernicus Univerity in Torun

Dialogues: None


Iron powder mixed with car oil was used to carry out the work, which was then manipulated by means of a neodymium magnet placed under the animation table. The effect has been perfectly synchronized with electronic music. I Place in the Experimental Category.



15. WHY YOU SCHOULD NEVER EVER FEED PIGEONS / Dlaczego przenigdy Nie Dokarmiać Gołębi, 1’ 20’’

Poland 2017

Directed by Agnieszka Świętek

Screenplay: Agnieszka Świętek

Animation: Agnieszka Świętek

Technique: drawing animation

Music: Jacek Latoń

Production: Agnieszka Świętek

Dialogues: Yes (English subtitles)


Animated epigram about pigeons... (I Place in the Animated Epigrams Category)



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