Official Selection


France 2018
Duration: 03:48
Directed by: Marie Larrivé and Lucas Malbrun
Screenplay: Lucas Malbrun, Marie Larrivé
Animation: Lucas Malbrun, Marie Larrivé, Morgane le Pechon, Jean-Baptiste Peltier, Marion Auvin, Rosalie Loncin, Ambre Decruyenaere
Music: Samantha & Sabrina
Production/School: Eddy Production

A strange multicolored cloud born from a melting ice-cap appears in a small sea-side town. At first intrigued, the inhabitants are soon enraptured by the supernatural powers of the cloud. And with good reason. The rain transforms its surroundings in unexpected ways. But the effects of the cloud may not be as benign as at first appears. Humanity takes up arms.


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