Official Selection

Tailored / Sur Mesure

Distinction Student

France 2018
Duration: 07:12
Directed by: Léa Cousty, Chloé Astier, Raphaël Guez, Mélanie Fourgeaud, Hugo Bourriez, Victoire Le Dourner
Screenplay: Léa Cousty
Animation: Léa Cousty, Mélanie Fourgeaud, Hugo Bourriez
Technique: 3D Computer
Music: Valentin Lafort
Production/School: Supinfocom Rubika
Dialogue language: No dialogue
Subtitles language: English

This short film tells the story of a human living in a world full of animals. It is his first day of work as a simple dressmaker in a famous Haute Couture workroom. Instead of doing his work, he sews a disguise that looks like parts of differents animals to imitate his colleagues and hide his difference.


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