Official Selection

Biowaste Reserve / Bioabfallreservat

Germany 2018
Duration: 16:09
Directed by: Larissa Sharina
Screenplay: Larissa Sharina
Animation: Larissa Sharina
Technique: Puppets, Stop Motion
Music: Oleh Gultz
Production/School: Illuklasse HGB Leipzig
Dialogue language: German
Subtitles language: English

Awaking in the operation room, the protagonist gets know, that his creator is partially a guinea pig. At the some institution, situated on the platform in North of Pacific, he meets closed society, which exists absolutely isolated from mankind. With perception of adult and without any personal memories, he tried understand what happens around: Who is he? What kind of creations surrounds him? Why is he on probation? And generally — which aims follows the Biowaste Reserve.


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