Official Selection

Vs Santa

Spain 2017
Duration: 04:00
Directed by: Raúl Colomer, Aitor Herrero
Screenplay: Elena Gobernado
Animation: Ignacio Meneu Germán Chazarra, Eduardo Albertos, María Briones, Fran Benet, Víctor M. Collado, Celia Colomer, Cristian García, Luis Gijón, Carlos Grimaldo, Joana Maestro, Belén March, Javier Martínez, Iván Mengual, Ana Nager, Roberto Landete, María José M
Technique: 3D
Music: Ricardo Curto
Production/School: Barreira Arte&Diseño

On Christmas Eve, a lone girl waits expectantly in a huge apartment. At last her visitor, Santa Claus, arrives to carry out the yearly gift-giving tradition. However, the gift that the girl wants is not the gift that Santa has brought.


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