Official Selection

My Generation

France 2018
Duration: 08:04
Directed by: Ludovic Houplain
Screenplay: Mirwaïs Ahmadzaï, Ludovic Houplain
Production/School: H5, 50/50 Productions
Dialogue language: English, German

As the pilot of My Generation, his new short animation film, Ludovic Houplain surely took a look back to the path taken in the rear view mirror.  In 2009, with his first short movie, Logorama, the director and co-founder of H5 depicts a city (Los Angeles) entirely made of logos with a whole population of brand characters. A first attempt that has happened to be a masterpiece: Logorama has been granted with an Oscar for best short film in 2010 and a César in 2011. In 2015, he extends the Logorama experience releasing the prophecy of a dehumanized world with his short 3D film Money Time. This world is ruled by machines. After having destroyed life on earth, they are starting to wreck the space. This was the first opportunity for Ludovic Houplain to collaborate with Mirwaïs (Taxi Girl, Madonna...) who created the original soundtrack. In 2018, based on an original idea by Mirwaïs, My Generation shows Ludovic Houplain’s apocalyptic vision of the modern world and sends an insurrection manual to the new generation.  From a deadlock to an hypothetic future, My Generation is a POV shot, from a mysterious vehicle rolling backwards on a wide highway and driving through every great plagues of our time materialized by amazing interconnected theme parks: art, big data, sports, religion, sex, politics and finance. Whether it is by Jeff Koons’ Baloon dogs, Wall Street bull or even Donald Trump’s election, the public is overwhelmed by the immensity of a reality that can be displayed on a smartphone’s screen. How to stop this continuous flow of information? How to breath when stuck under the avalanche? The answer is at the end of the road in this pop and hybrid animation film where one can find Walt Disney Mickey Mouse, Jamie Hewlett’s Tank Girl or even Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira. From Jérôme Bosch to Jack Kirby there were only a few steps to take. My Generation is the third part of a work in progress and is presented in three different variants: an 8 minutes short animated film with a soundtrack by Mirwaïs, a music video by Mirwaïs giving a foretaste of his next album and the trigger of a travelling installation that gathers many different artists around My Generation.   Driving backwards in history, alongside Ludovic Houplain and Mirwaïs, it will be impossible not to change perspectives. This road trip will lead to ignition.


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