Official Selection

Humra. Srories about Human Rights

Russia 2019
Duration: 04:45
Directed by: Konstantin Komardin
Screenplay: Heehoos Jah
Animation: no
Music: Ilya Chistyakov, Mikhail Ostrovsky, Petr Tikhonov, German Mamaev
Dialogue language: Russian
Subtitles language: English

This educational series is based on the animated film “Planet HUMRA. A Story about Humanz Rights”. It reveals the essential aspects necessary for the understanding of the concept of human rights. The main characters Cheggi, Yukka and Pankrat discuss what human rights are, why are they needed, and who should ensure them. The educational episode 2 continues the action of the animation film “Planet HUMRA. A Story about Humanz Rights”. It broadly shows how in the course of history, even the most despotic power must impose restrictions on its actions.The main characters learn that human rights regulate vertical relations between unequal forces, such as government and the individual. The series also touches the concept of majority and minority groups.


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