Official Selection

Where Am I Going? / 當一個人

Distinction Short

Taiwan 2018
Duration: 15:00
Directed by: Huang Yun-Sian, Tsai Yi-Chin
Screenplay: Huang Yun-Sian
Production/School: Hsieh Pei-Wen
Dialogue language: Chinese

Have you ever been curious about how an old man, who is ignored by family and society, starts his each day? The old man goes to mend window screen by his bike. He passes through busy streets, buildings under construction, an evening market and finally the MAZU Temple. In such an era, what kinds of scenery, smells and sounds surround him? December 15th in the lunar calendar, is the day all Gods go to have a rest and stop handling people’s wishes. Could all the ups and downs of his life attribute to calms on this day?


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