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Venus in Aquarius. Chapter II: Ana / Venus en Acuario. Capítulo II: Ana

Colombia 2018
Duration: 07:27
Directed by: David Silva
Screenplay: David Silva
Animation: David Silva, Anderson Gonzalez, Carolyne Barco, Alejandra Peñaloza, Cesar Paredes, Jonathan Panqueva
Technique: Rotoscope
Music: Kevin Ariza
Production/School: Laura Castillo
Dialogue language: Spanish
Subtitles language: English

Ana dances in her erotic universe, in spaces that manifest themselves from her own memories and sensations. This short film is based on the intimate experience of a woman whose sexuality is disputed between the pleasure and the anguish she experiences due to the impossibility of having an orgasm. Ana is movement, sound, matter and space. Her body goes through different states that represent the cyclic stages of a process of contact, sexual arousal and failure at the peak of pleasure. Ana seeks in her privacy a way of feeling herself, of establishing a relationship with her body, her past and her desires.


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