Official Selection

When We Were Free

USA 2018
Duration: 02:15
Directed by: Mark Franz
Dialogue language: English

When We Were Free is a work of oscilloscope music that references the precarious role of computing in contemporary media transmission. It also continues the tradition of using visual music as a vehicle for sociopolitical commentary or opposition (e.g. Hans Richter). The process used to create the film alludes to technology and synesthetic cinema, facilitating a direct relationship between sound and image; the images recorded from the screen of the oscilloscope are created by the stereo audio heard in the film. The title is a reference to Milton Mayers 1955 account of the development of fascism in Germany in “They thought they were free.” It is meant to be an open question as much as a statement, not unlike the “what if” questions created by abstraction in other types of visual and poetic work. Additional Information: When We Were Free is a single channel experimental animation, kinetic typographic film, and experimental stereo sound work. Created using LG OS5060A oscilloscope, digital video, audio and video production software. HD and 4K versions available.


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