Official Selection

Purr-fectly Rude Awakening

Canada 2017
Duration: 02:10
Directed by: J. Meeka Stuart, Brandon Lloyd, Joel Shemrock
Screenplay: PIP Animation Services Inc.
Production/School: Glenn Brown
Dialogue language: English

Always curious, sometimes daring and often not so bright. Kit the Kat is feline comic hijinks as you have never seen before! Determined to make the best of any situation, Kit the Kat takes on the world as only a cat can do…after a nap of course! From chasing a laser pointer, trying to figure out the pesky robot vacuum thing, being introduced to the new pet goldfish in a bowl, battling the tempting delights of potted catnip plant just outside the window, or getting his fur caught in a windup mouse toy, to his daily duels with the pooping pigeons on the fire escape, enduring the diabolical hot tar on the roof, or savoring the multi-sensory distractions of a day at the beach, Kit always manages to find a way to get the best of any situation in spite of himself! How many of his 9 lives will be tempted today?!


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