Official Selection

The Origin of Sound

Belgium 2018
Duration: 13:15
Directed by: Paul Driessen, Toon Loenders
Screenplay: Paul Driessen
Animation: Ralf Hekkenberg, Wouter Bongaerts, Wouter Sel, Ben Tesseur & Steven De Beul, Frodo Kuipers, Sjaak Rood, Pieter Samyn, Dieter Dresselaers, Bruno Wouters, Pieter Vanluffelen, Willem Lagerwaard, Bram Van Rompaey & Reinout Swinnen, Frits Standaert, Joost Lieu
Technique: mixeed techniques
Music: G.M.Huddy
Production/School: Geert van Goethem, Linda Sterckx, Michiel Snijders, Arnoud Rijken
Dialogue language: none
Subtitles language: none

Genesis, the seventh day, early in the morning. The Creator realizes he forgot to add sound to the world! He starts fixing this by using his weird collection of animated cartoons. But not to the liking of his creatures…


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