Official Selection

Popcorn / Palomitas

Spain 2018
Duration: 09:30
Directed by: Sergi Vizcaíno
Screenplay: Sergi Vizcaíno
Animation: Marina Calderón, Fran Valle, Ivan Sobral, Nacho Soto, Beatriz Goig, Maritere Vigil, Katia Rabadan, José Camara, José Pardo, Sergio Linares, Leandro Roman, Moamed Sampson
Technique: 3D
Music: Ho Ling Tang. King Heng Leung. Nerea Alberdi. Christian Tristan. Cecil Vineet Abhishek
Production/School: Primerframe

Marley is a popcorn enclosed in a Popcorn case from an old movie theater. His only dream is to watch a big screen movie. But first he must escape from the crystal cage.


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