Official Selection


United Kingdom 2018
Duration: 04:54
Directed by: Hend Esmat and Lamiaa Diab
Animation: Lamiaa Diab, Hend Esmat, Patrycja Szypula, Melissa Pinto, Wiktoria Filipiak
Technique: 2D Digital Animation
Music: Patrick Henchman
Production/School: Bristol School of Animation - UWE

Flipped explores the absurdity of a world where the roles of kids and adults are switched.The story follows a day full of bizarrely reversed interactions,tackling topics about maturity and parenting in a comic way.The kids are challenged to deal with the big size difference and unpredictable nature of childish adults,while adults gain back kids’ qualities, let go of all responsibilities and become children once again.Whether it is seen from a parent’s perspective or from the child’s, the audience is left with thoughts about the nature of this relationship and how the roles inevitably change throughout the course of our lives.


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