Official Selection

Things You Can Do With Extendable Arms

United Kingdom 2018
Duration: 01:47
Directed by: Luca Paulli
Technique: CGI
Music: Will Wadham

What would you do if you had a pill that gave you extendable arms? Bring a whole new world within your reach. A brand new pill: Ugrow, you but better. The series of animated GIFs, created to promote a fake brand of pills called Ugrow, uses comedy to provoke a reflection of our society and how we constantly try to define our self through acts of consumption, in an attention-seeking culture. The short film is the result of a year long project that developed as a mini web series, as well as social media pages with Instagram running alongside content providing snapshots of Ugrow users around the world. The project mimics the language used in advertising campaigns, to tell a story about how we see ourselves and how we engage with each other.


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