Official Selection

Fried Taro / 炸芋丸

Taiwan 2018
Duration: 04:51
Directed by: An Wu Li
Screenplay: AN WU LI
Dialogue language: Chinese

A girl Chiou-Chiou and her family go to grandma’s house for lunch. Grandma is happy until she finds grandpa is drinking. She is angry at her husband. Chiou-Chiou asks grandma if she could eat the sweets”fried taro”before lunch. Grandma get furious with her husband, and slap on Chiou-Chiou’s face, even though she is regret immediately. Chiou-Chiou is upset. She leaves grandma’s house and goes back home herself. At mid-night, Chiou-Chiou find that her parents are not at home. Without other choices, she runs out to grandma’s house for help...


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