Official Selection

Echo of Falling Man (2017)

Netherlands 2017
Duration: 02:54
Directed by: Harm Weistra, Eddi Bal
Screenplay: Harm Weistra, Eddi Bal
Animation: Echo of Falling Man
Technique: 2D and 3D animation
Music: silent
Production/School: n.a.
Dialogue language: n.a.
Subtitles language: n.a.

With the work Echo of Falling Man, the artists Harm Weistra & Eddi Bal ‘reanimate’ a picture of one of the unidentified gay men, killed by ISIS by throwing them off buildings. The work can be seen as an afterimage, mirroring the iconic Richard Drew photo of a ‘falling man’, who jumped out of the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks in New York. On a deeper level, the animation symbolizes the relationship between the Al-Qaeda attacks in New York and the terror ISIS spread through the Middle East.


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