Official Selection

The Dachshund in a Picture Frame / ТAK$A

Russia 2018
Duration: 09:55
Directed by: Tatiana Skorlupkina
Screenplay: Tatiana Skorlupkina
Animation: Tatiana Skorlupkina
Technique: Mix media (2D, oil - canvas, drawing on frame, other)
Music: Tatiana Skorlupkina
Production/School: LLC Trendvind, Art Studio "Fedor Sever"
Dialogue language: no dialogs
Subtitles language: no dialogs

logline: Sometimes greed can lead to the loss of a magical gift Main idea: One of the most difficult tasks for artist is to find a balance between creativity and money (wealth) sinopsis: An artist, is blessed with a magical gift – she can bring paintings to life with the mere touch of her brush. Unfortunately for her, as often happens, this unique ability goes to her head. One day, having accepted money for a future piece, and greedily revelling in her new-found wealth, she touches the banknotes with her brush. The money springs to life, but the paintings fall silent, however hard she tries to make them speak! It’s a punishment: the magical gift is gone, her talent is no more, and her brushes dance as if mocking her. With the commissioned piece ruined, she sits and sobs in despair. Then she hears a whisper: “There’s a chance – give it back, give it back, maybe if you give the money back, your gift will return!


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