Official Selection

Harvest / 秋实

Educational Award Short

China 2018
Duration: 04:30
Directed by: Sun Lijun
Screenplay: Fan Beilu, Niu Bosi
Animation: Zhou Baoli, Cao Ping, Huang Qiang, Gao Shuai
Technique: Zhang Chunjing, Li Liang
Music: Wang Yichen
Production/School: Beijing Film Academy ;Beijing Heyday Shunking Culture & Media Co., Ltd.
Dialogue language: null
Subtitles language: null

The protagonist of Harvest is a grasshopper. In the early autumn, insects in the garden scramble for food. These small and tenacious creatures have experienced the blessings and hardships of spring, summer, and autumn but now they have to race against the clock to be fully prepared to survive the winter. The whole film, with no dialogue, highlights the roles’ emotional expression, action design and rhythm control by showing the strife among insects in a garden which depicts the "law of survival", thus reflecting the profound philosophy of nature.


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