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UK/Portugal 2013

Direction: Margarida Sardinha

Screenplay: Margarida Sardinha

Animation: Margarida Sardinha

Technique: Optical illusion animation

Music: António Vilhena d'Andrade

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


London Memory multi+city is a 25 minutes optical illusion experimental film relating the Bergsonian idea of memory with that of duality in a contrapunctum of movement, colour, text and sound. Memory thus appears as a mirror of the mind being the reminiscence of time and space reflected.



Margarida Sardinha

She is the director of Master Mercy Matrix, London Memory multi+city (2013) and HyperLightness ad absurdum (2011), experimental film that won the laurels of Best Experimental Film at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, Great Lakes Film Festival, Creative Arts Film Festival & Bridge Fest (Vancouver) and Best Spiritual & Religious Film at the Directors Circle Film Festival; it further won an Honourable Mention at the 23rd New Orleans Film Festival and the Awards of Merit by the Lucerne International Film Festival, The Indie, The Accolade and Rochester International Film Festival. The film was 2012 Official Selection of over 20 film festivals worldwide such as: Revelation Perth International Film Festival, San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (nominated for Best Experimental Film), 10th In the Palace International Short Film Festival, Take Two Film Festival in New York, MIA@TheArmory, Beam Festival, 5th Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, MIX on Transmedia Writing and Digital Creativity, 7th International Streaming Festival, Denver Underground Film Festival, New Jersey Film Festival, Rockland Shorts International Series, Gold Lion Film Festival, Magmart Film & Video Festival...

She has also exhibited her site-specific installation work both in museums, galleries and biennales in London, Lisbon and New York with the most important being: the solo show “Darkness Reflexions” at the Fernando Pessoa Museum comprising three site-specific installations “As Above, so Below...”, “The Gods have not died...”, “Darkness Reflexions” and “Darkness Reflexions Sketchbook” an 80 page exhibition catalogue; selected for “Pan-Demonium” at AC Institute [Direct Chapel] with “HyperSelf Light Dance”; selected for Red Bull Music Academy Showcase with ”They had a whole army sitting on their door step (…) Gil Vicente and “I detest your views but am prepared to die for your right to express them (Voltaire)”; selected for Bienal Jovens Valoures 2009 at Galeria Vieira da Silva with “The Master”.

Margarida was also one of the founders of the London based group pARTart and the curator of the group’s exhibition “London Recycled” at the Menier Chocolate Factory comprising 22 new works by the London based artists from ten diverse artistic discipline’s backgrounds and eleven different nationalities exploring London’s multiculturalism and multidisciplinary pluralism; through the show and its collateral promotional and fundraising events where she performed Vjing at several London’s East End venues along with the performances of invited emerging music bands and other members of the group live pieces, she created over one year the necessary conditions for these artists to produce new work re-accessing their respective individual cyclic experience of London’s living making it a collective mirror of the city arts scenery.

She won the Prize of Jovens Criadores (Young Creators Prize) awarded by the Portuguese Cultural Ministry and the Grupo Artes e Ideias in 1999.



Best Experimental Film at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival

Great Lakes Film Festival

Creative Arts Film Festival & Bridge Fest (Vancouver)

Best Spiritual & Religious Film at the Directors Circle Film Festival

Honourable Mention at the 23rd New Orleans Film Festival

Awards of Merit by the Lucerne International Film Festival

The Indie, The Accolade and Rochester International Film Festival





02. DANCE OF THEATHD / Danse Macabre, 16’ 09

France 2013

Direction: Boris Labbé

Animation: Boris Labbé

Technique: 3D comuter animation

Music: Daniele Ghisi



Enclosed in a spherical world we travel simultaneously in three different points both models, but miniature and gigantic at the same time.



Boris Labbé

Born in 1987 in Lannemezan, France


2011 - 2012 _Artist member of the Académie de France à Madrid, Casa de Velázquez, ESP.

2008 - 2011 _Certificate Assistent Director of Animated Film in the School of Animated Film of Angoulème (EMCA), FRA.

2005 - 2008 _National Diploma of Plastic Arts (DNAP) in the School of Art and Ceramics of Tarbes (ESACT), FRA.



2013 _Prize Call4roBot, roBot Festival, Bologna, ITA.

2013 _Rhizome, finalist of the prize Auteur de film d'animation, Fondation Jean-Luc Lagardère.

2013 _Kyrielle, Acquisition by Chalet Pointu for the DVD “Annecy Awards 2011-2012”.

2012 _Caverne, Prix ARTE CREATIVE, festival de Bruz.

2012 _Caverne, Acquisition by ARTE France, diffusion online for one year in the plastform Arte Creative.

2012 _Danse macabre, finalist of the prize Créateur numérique, Fondation Jean-Luc Lagardère.

2012 _Kyrielle, Acquisition by ARTE France, diffusion online for one year in the plastform Arte Creative.

2012 _Kyrielle, Prix Spécial du Jury, festival d'Annecy.

2012 _Kyrielle, Spécial Mention, Young Animation, Stuttgart festival.

2011 _Kyrielle, Mention Spéciale, ARTE CREATIVE, festival de Bruz.



Awards: 2013 _Prize Call4roBot, roBot Festival, Bologna, ITA.




03. COMPEDIUM / Kąpedium, 9’ 43’’

Poland 2013

Direction: Kris Serafin and Tomasz Gwincinski

Screenplay: Tomasz Gwincinski

Animation: Tomasz Gwincinski

Technique: Own technique

Music: Tomasz Gwincinski

Dialogues: None


Film about reality and kind of aesthetic. What ignored, rejected, unnoticed. Interiors and images. Space World closed.



Tomasz Gwincinski (born 15 January 1963 in Bydgoszcz) - Polish musician: guitarist, drummer, composer, film and theater director, screenwriter and film director.


Kris Serafin was born 5 June in 1972 in Zgorzelec, Poland.

Polish artist: photographer, painter and filmmaker.




04. HUMAN, NEXT: PHASE ONE, 12’18’’

USA 2012

Direction: Benjamin Rosenthal (with James Moreno)

Animation: Benjamin Rosenthal

Technique: 2D computer and 3D computer (Aftereffects + Maya)

Music: Benjamin Rosenthal

Dialogues: None


Human, Next: Phase One - a video adaptation of a section of a live collaborative dance/video/animation work conceived of by Choreographer James Moreno and Artist Benjamin Rosenthal- explores the convergences and differences between virtual and physical bodies, offering new perspectives on our 21st- Century Hybrid condition.


Benjamin Rosenthal

Benjamin holds an MFA in Art Studio from the University of California, Davis and a BFA in Art (Electronic Time-Based Media) from Carnegie Mellon University.

His work has been exhibited internationally in such venues as the Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Stuttgart, Germany), FILE Electronic Language International Festival (São Paulo, Brazil), the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina (Novi Sad, Serbia), and online via the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum (Is.CaM), among others.


James Moreno

James is Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of Kansas.

Moreno holds a PhD in Performance Studies from Northwestern University, with a Certificate in Gender Studies. Moreno was Visiting Professor of Dance at the University of Panamá in Panamá City, Panamá and Visiting Guest Artist at the National School of Dance of Panamá, and is a Fulbright Scholar.

His current scholarship examines Latinidad in “American” modern dance, with a focus on the choreography and performances of José Limón.

Moreno has articles forthcoming in Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies (Society of Dance History Scholars) and Dance Chronicle: Studies in Dance and the Related Arts.

Moreno participated in the 2013 Mellon Dance Studies Summer Seminar and is on the Board of Directors for the Congress on Research in Dance (CORD).