ΚUIBA 2, Wang Chuan, 90’, China 2013

Updated: 11-03-2014 11:26

B. English Title: Kuiba 2
Original Title: 魁拔2
Year of Production: 2013
Duration: 90 Minutes
Country: China
Direction: Wang Chuan
Screenplay: Tian Bo
Animation: 2D/3D
Affiliation: Vasoon Animation
Dialogues: Chinese
Subtitles: Greeks

Manji and Master Man board a warship bound headed to Maelstrom Island. Meanwhile, on Maelstrom Island, Kuiba's fiercest lieutenants are preparing for battle. Manji soon faces conflicts between his father, the gods, and Kuiba's lieutenants. 

Short CV of Director: 
Born in 1964, screenwriter/director WANG Chuan graduated from Peking University in 1986 and earned a Master’s degree from China Academy of Social Sciences in 1989. He became an Affiliated Professor at Tsinghua University Art School and was a jury panelist for the Jin Ying TV Awards. In 2003, WANG placed first in the Top Ten New Animation Directors Awards. WANG has completed over 3000 minutes of animation work and his credits include: Screenwriter/director for TV animation series The Flying Monkid, Scholar Cat for Chinese Ideogram, Transparent Shield. 

Awards: 1.The 17th Annual "Beijing Screening" Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Film  
2. 2013 "Kuiba" series character "Manji" was one of China's Top Ten Most Valuable 
Film/Television Animated Characters
3. The 2nd Annual "Animation Beijing" Original Cartoon Image in an Animated Feature First Prize 
4. 2013 China Film Golden Rooster Best Art Film Nomination
5. 17th Samara International Festival of Children's Film Best Animation Award  
6. 2013 China Animation and Comic Competition Golden Dragon Award for Best Director  
7. The 9th CentEast Outstanding Animated Work - "Kuiba II"