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Special Mention Student

Korea 2022
Duration: 05:48
Directed by: Yoochae Hwang
Screenplay: Yoochae Hwang
Animation: Yoochae Hwang
Technique: Yoochae Hwang
Music: Hyunjoo Lee
Production/School: Korea National University of Arts
Dialogue language: Korean
Subtitles language: English

‘I’ live with Mother who is suffering from an illness. ‘I’ wake up from a nightmare in the middle of the night and go to stitch up Mother’s wound, which is spilling water. Unable to handle it alone, the wound bursts. And, the rushing water from the wound sweeps ‘me’ away to take a short trip to the past. Through the journey, ‘I’ confront the emotion that ‘I’ tried to turn away.

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