Official Selection

The Last Line

Greece 2023
Duration: 04:09
Directed by: Io Andrikopoulou
Screenplay: Io Andrikopoulou
Music: Io Andrikopoulou

War is a dark part of the human history. Within a war, there is the front line, where individuals stand in the field of battle against the enemy. However, war transcends the battlefield, leaving behind a 'last line' ,the children and the people who remain behind, the civilians. Through this title, 'The Last Line', the film examines the importance of the war's final line. It primarily focuses on the roles of children and the experiences of those who are confronted with war. The title also serves as a reminder of the significance that we should recognize and address the long-term effects of war on children. It calls on the audience to consider their role in mitigating and addressing the terrors of war.

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