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Poland 2022
Duration: 09:00
Directed by: Adela Kaczmarek
Screenplay: Tomasz Siwiński, Adela Kaczmarek, Anna Głowik
Animation: Julia Kozuszek, Michalina Musialik, Aleksandra Podczaska
Technique: 2d
Music: Mikolaj Majkusiak
Production/School: Jakub Karwowski, Piotr Szczepanowicz (Letko)
Dialogue language: Polish
Subtitles language: english

Podhale, Poland, Winter of 1939. Magda (15) is an excellent skier. She joins the Polish Resistance and helps by bringing documents and fugitives across the mountains into Slovakia. One day she learns that the group of 23 pilots urgently need to cross the border, as Gestapo is on their heels. She comes up with a risky plan to lure the Nazis her way, allowing pilots to pass without being seen. Unfortunately, the Nazi soldiers are experienced skiers too, able to shoot and reload their guns while skiing at full speed. Magda must take a chance as she sets off into the woods, racing through the snow.

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