Official Selection

CURSED / E Mallkuar

Albania 2023
Duration: 14:39
Directed by: Artan MAKO Maku
Screenplay: Artan Maku
Production/School: Artan MAKO Maku
Dialogue language: Albanian

A little girl fights against evil, which had come from the space of evil. "A little girl fights against the evil that had come from the space of wickedness. The princess in the ancient castle sang about kindness, and spreading flowers, and all her doll friends followed her closely. The wicked witch of the universe represented the malicious and envious character. A wicked character, Drago, kept approaching the witch constantly. The princess was cursed by the witch and turned into a non-toxic character. The girl was determined to save the princess, now transformed into a non-toxic character. It took a lot of difficulties to rescue the princess from the curse. Finally, after many efforts and through the love of the girl, the princess returned to her original state. The love of the girl saved the princess! Life began to return to its original state. Everyone started to be happy, forgetting the difficulties of the girl. The unexpected happened! All the friends (the dolls) began to approach the princess, who transformed again into a beautiful figure in the flow of life, and they started to distance themselves from the girl. Here, the anger and jealousy of the girl begin. Then, unexpectedly, the girl forgets all her efforts... and turns into a witch, and the mother turns into a dragon."

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