Official Selection


Lithuania 2023
Duration: 13:21
Directed by: Gintarė Valevičiūtė Brazauskienė, Antanas Skučas
Screenplay: Gintarė Valevičiūtė Brazauskienė, Antanas Skučas
Production/School: Giedrė Burokaitė, Lauras Lučiūnas
Dialogue language: English, Lithuanian

Winter, 1942. Beyond the Arctic Circle, on the uninhabited island of Trofimovsk in the Laptev Sea, deported peoples struggle to survive. This is the place chosen by Soviet authorities to deport vast numbers of inhabitants from the occupied Baltic countries, Finland, Ukraine and elsewhere. In this harsh, alien landscape, man is a mere speck. Against the backdrop of such majestic isolation, many thousands face the savage indifference and cruelty of nature. Always living on the edge, they must find a way to stay alive. All experiences depicted are based on the unfaded memories of those who survived.

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